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Payment Policy:

Deposit/Payment - Immediately after placing reservation you will receive a Confirmation E-Mail.

         If reservation is same day - you will shortly receive another E-Mial with payment link after the confirmation E-Mail.


Within 13 days away of stay:
Full payment is due by credit card or E-Check. You will get a link to go to for payment in your RENTAL AGREEMENT E-Mail.

14-21 days away of stay:
Full payment is due by check or money order within 3 days of receiving RENTAL AGREEMENT E-Mail. 

Over 21 days away of stay:
50% of Total is due by check or money order within 7 days of receiving RENTAL AGREEMENT E-Mail. Remaining balance is due 21 days prior to arrival by check or money order.

Cancellation -  If we are not booked up: Will refund your payments less a $25 booking fee
                          If we are booked up:  And re-book your cabin, we will refund your payments less a $25 booking fee.
                                                        If we do not re-book your cabin we will not be able to refund any payments.

Hurricance: - Full refund minus $25 booking fee will be granted in the case of a Mandatory Hurricance Evacuation ordered by the Mayor of Grand Isle.

                     The booking fee charges are to cover reservation process and/or credit card merchant charges.

Please read all policies including those E-Mailed to you and those on this site carefully.  By paying for a rental, you are agreeing to all conditions and policies

ALL attempts will be made to place you in your choice of Cabin #. However, your cabin # may be changed due to arising situations


Rules & Policies  

Sorry but NO PETS.  No matter what we have tried, pets end up leaving hair in our cabins. So out of respect for all guest, we no longer allow pets.

CHECK IN time is 4:00 pm or later. Please do not arrive before check in as cleaning crew needs to complete the cleaning from previous guests. NO EXCEPTIONS. 


CHECK OUT time is 11:00 am. Please DEPART BY THIS TIME so cleaning can be completed for next guests. If you stay past check out you will be responsible for a late check-out fee. NO EXCEPTIONS. 



We do not rent to fraternities, sororities or other large party-type groups (such as bachelor, bachelorette, spring break, and graduation groups). If such groups or activities listed below are identified we reserve the right to vacate all persons from the premises without refund. 


  • Cabins sleep 6 people comfortably.  We allow up to 8. 

  • The person renting & the majority of the tenants must be age 21 or older. 

  • No spring break college tenants.
    We do not rent to college spring breakers or groups of teenagers with or without chaperones.

  • Person booking rental MUST be staying at camp for rental duration  

  • No drinking by minors  

  • No illegal drugs  

  • No activity that would disturb neighbors ie; loud – obnoxious -- drunken behavior, public nudity, etc.  

  • No loud music after 9 p.m.  


Please respect the property of others and park near your cabin only. Do not block other vehicles or stairways. Do not use chairs, tables, fishing equipment or any other items from neighboring cabins 




ALL GARBAGE MUST BE BAGGED - Bagged trash must be taken to the garbage dumpster near Highway 1. Do not leave any garbage in the trash cans under, around or in the camp. Trash is picked up on Mondays and Thursdays. 



Do not place raw or boiled seafood of any kind in the garbage containers. This includes fish, shrimp, crabs or any other raw or boiled seafood. Please dispose at a marina where you have used the launch or bought bait and dispose of it at their designated dump site. If not you should double bag seafood & immediately throw in dumpster near Highway 1. 

It only takes of couple of hours for the heat to rot seafood, gather flies, produce maggots and create an unpleasant odor around the camp.  



Do not use boiling pots or grills on the upper deck.  This includes the cleaning of fish etc., boiling and grilling. The following three items must be performed outside of the camp. 


Fish Station (screened building in back) – Please clean the fish preparation area after each use. Remove all raw seafood and fish scales from all areas.  Do note  store shrimp, crabs and other seafood in the refrigerator. Please keep in coolers.  See seafood disposal above.   


Boiling (screened building in back) – Wash boiling pot, also area surrounding it. After boiling poor water near the back side of building.  Turn off propane tank when finished boiling, wash boil pots and pick up any trash, food, shrimp shells, etc. Rinse tables, counters and concrete with fresh water.  See seafood disposal above. 

BBQ – We have 3 small pits cemented in ground & 1 large movable pit.  

Because of possible flames, BBQ in open areas only. Once charcoal has cooled please remove charcoal from pit and discard in garbage             bag.  



All BASIC linens, blankets, pillows, mattresses and comforters or provided for indoor sleeping.. Do not take these items to the beach.  



Do not dispose of feminine products, paper towels, baby wipes or any other items other than toilet paper in the toilet. Septic systems and water treatment plants cannot handle these products and will cause the sewage system to back up. 


FURNITURE:   Please do not rearrange the furniture.  Do not drag beds, this will scratch floors. 




There is no smoking allowed inside the cabin. Please smoke on the outside porches and decks and use an appropriate receptacle for cigarette butts etc. Please do not throw smoking material on the decks, porches, lawns or grounds. An additional fee will be charged for cleaning the yard of cigarette butts and trash. 


MAINTENANCE/DAMAGES: We do our best to be sure that everything in the cabin is in proper working order. Please contact us at the cell phone #'s provided in your check in E-Mail, if something is broken or needs immediate attention. If something is accidentally broken, please let us know so that it can be repaired or replaced prior to the next guest. 


LIABILITY: The owner/manager is not liable to renter, or to renter's employees, patrons and visitors, or to any other person for any damage to person or property caused by any act, omission or neglect of renter or any other tenant of the described demised premises, and renter agrees to hold owner harmless from all claims for any damage whether the injury occurs on or off the premises. 

Renter assumes responsibility for the conditions of the premises. Owner/manager will not be liable for any injury caused by any defect therein to the renter or anyone on the premises who derives his right to be thereon from the renter. 



Grand Isle Rental Cabins / Motel - Sun & Sand Cabins - Louisiana

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The easiest way to make a reservation is to click here> Request A Reservation  


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For night time Bowfishing try Full Draw Bowfishing Charters.

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